मनोज गजुरेलसँग डिभोर्सलगत्तै मीनाले ल्याइन् पहिलो गीत, मोडल पनि आफै (भिडियो)

मनोज गजुरेलसँग डिभोर्सलगत्तै मीनाले ल्याइन् पहिलो गीत, मोडल पनि आफै (भिडियो)

Comedian Manoj Gajurel’s ex-wife Meena Dhakal’s first song released

The news of divorce of famous comedian Manoj Gajurel had come at a shockwave to thousands of his fans. The social media was a buzz with different reactions and comments regarding the high profile divorce.

The comedian had taken to social media to formally announce his divorce with his wife Mina Dhakal. He had mentioned that the couple had been having difference ever since the marriage and they tried to adjust the difference for years, but finally failed.

He had also expressed regret for failing to take the two decade long relationship further. In the recent interviews, Dhakal has been saying that she was happy after the divorce as she is now free to do things she had always wanted, adding that she can now fulfill her dreams, as according to her, no one is there to object.

She was recently spotted recording her song and today her first recorded song has been out officially. Her first song is title as “Aakha Judhyo”. It is the modern song in which you can see, Meena herself as a model.

The lyricist of the song is Dipak Raj Pathak and music has been composed by Ram Karki. Meena Dhakal even had uploaded several cover songs in her personal YouTube channel “Mero Rahar Ma”. And here is her first original song uploaded from Songs Nepal.copy from dc nepal

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